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Welcome to Sweet Sanctuary

The vision of Sweet Sanctuary is to nurture, mentor and guide the female experience. The goal is to better understand the tools which are most important for girls to thrive, gain resilience, and become successful and whole. Therefore, no matter what they go through (rough and challenging years), Sweet Sanctuary wants to share the resources available in order for them to heal and grow.

How We Help

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  • Talks
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  • Clubs via Schools & Communities

Get girls moving, breathing and thriving.

Girl's Empower-Me Programs

Sweet Sanctuary is non-profit organization that provides a safe space for all girls to be themselves.

Walk Talk Club

We are excited to offer our free "Walk Talk Club" Summer Program for High School Girls from Hartford.

An individual with the courage to follow their heart and the belief to succeed in the path that they take

~Chris Coleman

We Come As Girls, We Leave As Women Event

Helping Girls Find Their Own Personal Path and Purpose.

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"I am a product of Mrs. Treda Collier Dickenman's mentorship, so you know, I'm not sure where I would be without her tutelage, guidance, & love."

Kristen Guest