Rosalyn Davis
Finance Director Product/Operation Design and Development

Roz's House Business Solutions LLC

“The world is a classroom - life is the teacher and the subjects are learned everyday from the successes, failures, changes, twists, turns, surprises and contradictions.” ― Eugenie Laverne Mitchell

Owner and Curator of Roz’s House LLC, Rosalyn Davis prides herself first and foremost as being an avid lifelong learner of the classroom of life. Officially formed in 2005, Rozs House aims to service however she can, giving from her rich culmination of life experiences. She aims to further organizations and individuals from stagnation to highly functional thriving brands that operate in the authenticity of realized visions.

Professionally, Rosalyn played in the sandbox of Corporate America for two decades from 2000 – 2020. She served as the conductor of her life’s change by mastering the lessons of corporate life’s constantly changing landscape while balancing significant personal change. Quickly adapting to the norm of corporate restructures, Roz always saw the opportunity to apply the same methodologies of change to the larger playground of life.

Personally, her life’s landscape was colored by the addition of two little ones, the purchase of a fixer-upper house, the trauma of domestic violence, a near-death experience and a diagnose of severe PTSD. To survive, she would have to marry her strategic willingness to change in work with the demands of life to change in simply being.

Over the span of 20 years, she held 9 titles (7 in leadership). She acquired robust experiences in service operations, process expertise, change management, continuous improvement, staff management, business change management, business projects and support, project management, learning and development, vendor relations, all while expanding an extensive national business acumen. Service and high-quality execution always stood out as pillars in her execution, regardless of the role or title she held. Quality service become the foundation on which her life’s change philosophy was built. It would ultimately be in finding herself as worthy of having these pivotal pillars be her own personal internal fuel that she would find her way to the fullness of her life’s meaning.

While much of the work that Rosalyn did over her 20 years in corporate along with the work, she had to do to make it through the challenges of her life added tools to the toolkit of her being, exiting Corporate America in 2020 brought with it the unique opportunity to reset and dream a deferred dream of unlimited possibilities. She relaunched the brand formed in 2005 with a revigorated mindset, scaling her creative lens with the extensive knowledge gained in the public sector to help execute a brand of service that brings the best of who she is to the table.