Walk Talk Clubs

Themed Building concepts around developing a stronger sense of self.


How do we get girls. moving, thriving, and living healthy? As many may feel burned out and fatigued from social isolation and virtual learning, we wish to revive, re-energize, reinvigorate, and motivate girls towards successful outcomes. We have plans to help girls safely navigate their moments and meltdowns. We will offer support, tools, and mentorship for girls in the Walk Talk Club.


Health/Wellness Sessions have been designed with teen girls in mind. We will offer guided walks outdoors, on school grounds, local parks, and in/around Connecticut for girls to move, breathe, and dream in small cohort groups; led by adult/student leaders. After walking, there will be themed discussions led by celebrated speakers – who will share "their stories." A guided journal entry will be completed at the end of every session – and question and answer period. Girls will enjoy healthy refreshments during each session. COVID safety guidelines will be in place.